Vegan Bento Daily Lunch #5


I keep feeling obliged to make really pretty bento in this wooden box! Pact with myself, right now, no uninspired, boring, single item leftovers are to go in this box! It’s dedicated to beautiful meals. And it’s sitting on that really cute scarf from Goodwill, naturally. January is already half over, I hope I can find a February appropriate one by the end of the month.

Anyway, today’s lunch contains one of my favorite staples, rice. I had some spicy red peppers chopped up in the freezer so I pulled them out and cooked up a little bit, hence the browning in that one spot. I also made a dessert whih is just like a snack I prepared for myself often back in my early days of being vegan. I put ground almond in the dates. I normally would use a whole almond as a filling but had a bunch of ground almonds from a cooking experiment gone horribly awry. There’s okra underneath the silicone cup in the box, just in case you were wondering about the vegetables.

The last bit is a chickpea salad with my home-made improvised spicy sauce to add right before I eat.

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