Vegan Bento Daily Lunch #9


I was getting over an illness last weekend, so I wasn’t doing much in the way of cooking. Sunday evening, I was overtaken with the desire to make a cute bento. When waiting at the pharmacy for my antibiotics, I saw some really bright pocket-sized LED lamps. I had time so I Googled how good that sort of light was for food photography.

Let’s just say I dropped the ten bucks on this thing. It was made with a really good feel in terms of construction, so I anticipate it holding up for a long time. And I’m really pleased with how the lighting turned out!

In this bento, I made onigiri wrapped entirely in nori, pickled beets cut into cherry blossom flowers, green pepper, and home-made seitan that I’ve topped with green onion. I didn’t pack it as tightly as usual. In the other tier are two more onigiri, but I figured I’d go for a little bit more of a minimalist style of presentation for this one.

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