More than a Bento Blog and Updates

This post feels incredibly out of place, but I hope you will like the changes being brought to this blog. I don’t want to just share bento on here, I want to make The Bento Buff the home-base for my writing and whatnot, as well! I know I’ll likely lose a subscriber or two because of this, but I feel like to grow as an individual, it’d be nice to have something to reflect upon. I will still be posting bento to this blog, and I hope that those of you who choose to stick around enjoy the other things I share.



As you may know, I’m a student majoring in Creative Writing and that I love to write and read. Despite this, I don’t read or write nearly as much as I’d like. Part of the problem as of late is “finding the time” for a ton of things I want to do. I have work, classes, friends, family, and a boyfriend. These all involve relationships that are demanding of my time. Regardless, I know I have more time to do things I enjoy for myself, and I think I know where all of this time is “hiding”.

As for how I’m going to find this time, I actually got the idea from The Minimalists’ Podcast. I use the internet for most everything I do! I read on it, I chat with friends through it, I play games on it, I watch cartoons/anime on it. Even almost all of my school-work has to be done on the Internet. All of this connectivity and these distractions have really started weighing on me. I’m actually typing this in the WordPress program in my browser and am trying to resist CTRL+Tab-ing over to a new tab and checking Facebook. It’s not a healthy way to live and I’ve witnessed first-hand how family and friends behave entirely differently when they have one of these glowing rectangles in front of them. They’re captivated with it in a way that resembles an addiction. If I have to speak honestly, it feels like I’ve become addicted to it as well.

I wish I could go “cold-Tofurky” from the Internet, but I actually need it for most of my school-work. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to break this attachment to the Internet for every little thing I do, and any suggestions anyone has would be greatly appreciated. I hope that once I’ve busted this obsession, I’ll be reading and writing significantly more, having more fun with bento-ing, learning to play the bass, and enjoying my Tamagotchi even more!


Do you have any advice on how I can break my Internet addiction when cutting it off completely will cause me to fail my classes?

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