Vegan Bento Daily Lunch #14 and Update


So my internet detoxing is going pretty well. I did take a little time to play around online and was inspired to make pack an awesome vegan bento after being sick and taking a break from really bento-ing. Vegan Black Metal Chef is hilarious and vegan. If you’re into metal or have an open mind about music, I’d highly recommend checking out a video or two of his.

This bento has mashed potatoes, apple sauce(with cinnamon!), baby carrots, Gardein’s Szechuan Beefless Strips, and asparagus. I’d been putting off preparing the asparagus because I had it in my mind that I had to boil it. I ended up cooking it in the pan right after the Gardein goodies and boy are they tasty!

So what else have I been doing when trying to take a break from the internet? I unsubscribed from most of the Youtube channels I followed, read books and short stories, finished reading the (small) pile of unread comic books, helped a friend with her novel, finally bought windshield wiper fluid, read a few articles from VegNews, organized my desk, tended to (and killed) a Tamagotchi, read a chapter of my Geology textbook, uploaded two videos to Youtube(recorded offline and was studying when they uploaded), uninstalled over 40 apps from my phone, made a bento, did homework, classwork, the paying jobby-job, and slept more. I don’t understand how it but it’s working, I’m so much more well-rested, it’s amazing. Time just feels like it’s abundant now and I love it!

I think I’m going to learn how to make a green tea latte because I’d really taken to matcha before I got really sick a couple of weeks ago(my queue of posts ran out). I think it’d be fun to make. I’ve gotten pretty good at making soy/almond chai lattes, why not matcha? I bet it’d be even better.  Sure it’d require internet use to find recipes but as long as I go about it intentionally, I’m sure I’ll find a worthy recipe and have a good time of it.

Speaking of metal, the friend who is going to teach me how to play bass and I have actually scheduled when we’re going to get together for me to actually get my first lesson in! I’m pretty excited! m/

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