Return of the Bento Buff


I’ve got my mojo back! I made a couple of bento for tomorrow and Tuesday. I really hope I’ll be posting bento on here with increasing regularity. For now I’ll make you guys one promise.
I will post at least one bento a week!

I might post essays or something else in any given week, as well, but I’m determined to make one yummy nutritionally balanced meal a week that is also photogenic. After all, vegan food is quite tasty and often looks really yummy. Not to mention it’s affordable! I want to share that with everyone, after all, you dont need to exploit others to make a delicious meal!

These bento feature rice, apple bunnies, seitan, broccoli, and a lotus root stir fry, I found the recipe on Just Hungry. It’s quite yummy!

2 thoughts on “Return of the Bento Buff

    • I’m also glad! I was feeling a little bleh before, but when I got really sick and my scheduled posts ran out, I really didn’t feel like it. Now I’m ready to tackle it!”

      It’s more than a bento blog now, however. I need a home base if I’m going to be a writer and this seems as good a place as any(I’m paying for hosting, after all).

      One thing that worries me about combining the themes is that I could end up spamming a particular subscriber. Since you’re a reader, do you have an idea for how to avoid that?

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