Reject Bento


Not every meal will bring you delight. I’ve eaten more than my fair share of awful dishes.

This one isn’t amazing or cute.

So why share it?

To show you that being vegan isn’t about making just salads and cookies.

Being vegan also isn’t necessarily gourmet.

Veganism, as with all styles of cooking, means experimenting and sometimes making something that isn’t palatable.

Cooking is a science experiment,” my grandmother once mentioned to me. I’ve also heard the same sentence echoed by my dad.

With this poor bento, the tomatillo wasn’t quite ripe enough, the stuffing was dry and flavorless. Thank goodness it’s difficult to mess up Gardein and Broccoli. I wasn’t able to eat the tomatillo but the stuffing and such was enough to fill my belly until I left work.

But sometimes there’s great experiments that work!

I made a massive muffin in the rice cooker!

Rice cooker muffin. Yummmmyyyyy @supermegannn @samcallieurban

A photo posted by Grace McCarter (@thebentobuff) on Apr 10, 2016 at 7:13am PDT



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