The Not-Whole Foods Bento

Sunday I went to Annapolis with my mom and sister. Per usual, we went to Whole Foods to do a little grocery shopping and get lunch. I’ve been trying to create less waste as a while and believe me, it’s a lot harder to be waste free than it was to go vegan back in 2009.
Anyway, I go in with my clean and empty bento and a few cloth produce bags and go to the customer service desk to get the weighed for their tear weights. The last time I went to Whole Foods the casheir berated me for not having done this for my vegan gummy bears, noting that it’d cost me a lot more because of the weight of the bag. Her heart was in a good place, however.

The lady at the front of the customer service desk was a doll, too. She started weighing them and I asked if there was anything official I could put on my bags in regard to their tear weights. She wasn’t sure so she asked who I’m assuming is a manager. The manager said(in a rude tone, I might add), “We can only do that with 10 bags. We have to weigh them all together and divide by ten.”

Doesn’t that make NO sense? Why can’t you weigh each bag? I only brought what I needed!

So anyway, the nicer girl at the desk asked about the box and the manager, I kid not not, said they couldn’t take the tear weight of my bento box!

I call you on your crap!

So anyway, I grabbed my stuff, said in a huff, “That defeats the purpose of being zero waste then, doesn’t it?” and stormed off. I hope the nice lady knew I wasn’t mad at her.
Not even five minutes later I took this photo in my handbag and posted it to Instagram.

A photo posted by Grace McCarter (@thebentobuff) on Apr 17, 2016 at 11:34am PDT


Get this, so I got one of those ugly compostable(less eco than bringing my own reusable box) containers and walked all around and this time there was also barely anything appealing and vegan!


There used to always be awesome great vegan food at the hot bar. All that I literally saw was some sort of glazed tofu and asparagus. Eating the barely any Daiya cheeze pizza from the pizza place in there would have been better, and I was utterly disappointed by that when I got it a while back.

It’s ok, however! The next day a friend invited me over to what amounted a small party and we all had vegan Indian food! The friend that sent the invite also sent me home with copious amounts of leftovers, and boy was it yummy! I enjoyed them for leftovers for the rest of the workweek.


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