Zero Waste Nerd Challenge Day 2

I’m keeping at it! My work life is far from zero waste but as far as I can tell, that can’t be helped very much. That said, I’ve been doing quite well with my home life! So what’s day 2 of the Zero Waste Nerd’s challenge?


So today I did as I always did. I brought my stainless steel Starbucks tumbler along, and used it all day, as is the usual.

After work I went to Goodwill to see if I could get any deals for anything that’d be good to resell on my Poshmark and to take a look at scarves. Wednesdays are 20% student discount day, so I stocked up! Scarves are great for bento backgrounds(not that I’ve been doing much of that lately) and wrapping presents. Once I learned about the scarf thing, I loved the idea. I’m horrible at getting presents to wrap up the way I want them to, they look lumpy, the tape doesn’t stick, etc. If you want to learn about how to wrap all manners of things in scarves, there’s websites dedicated to Furoshiki.

A photo posted by Grace McCarter (@thebentobuff) on May 25, 2016 at 1:46pm PDT

The untagged scarves are more expensive, generally $3 or $5, I always forget which. I try to stick to the ones tagged at $1. I bought a hefty number of scarves, a Kate Spade wallet, and a shirt. To me it was a really nice haul. I’d looked in my suitcase last week and was dismayed at the lack of warm weather tops I have, so this is a great addition. The Vera Bradley scarf will likely go up on Poshmark. It’s cute but I don’t think it quite matches my aesthetic.

When I handed the cashier my reusable shopping bag, she put everything in a plastic bag before attempting to put that in the reusable bag. I’d spaced out and hadn’t noticed until she said something. We had a bit of a chuckle over that. I haven’t seen too many people using reusable shopping bags coming out of Goodwill in all the time I’ve been going there, so I’m assuming it’s a force of habit for her to bag things in those plastic bags.


Afterwards, I had to go to Giant to buy some margarine. This time I bought the sticks of Earth Balance as opposed to the usual tub, meaning at least most of the packaging should be recyclable(the individual sticks are lined with a foil-like thing. I’ve already sent them an email asking what they are and if they’re recyclable). I was shocked to see how much cheaper the sticks were per pound than the tubs! I should have snapped a photo but the tub was close to twice the price per pound as the sticks! That just goes and gives a big old nod to all the zero wasters that have been discussing just how much money we’ve been paying for packaging.

I have been using Mint for tracking my expenses all year. I’m excited to see how my expenses for this transition month, versus before and after are in terms of my bank statement.

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