Zero Waste Nerd Challenge

I first heard about this challenge through the Zero Waste Nerd’s Instagram. That was during my last attempt to go zero waste, when I was still too scared to actually say anything. You can find all the days for the challenge on her blog.

Since yesterday was my first day in working towards zero waste I figured following her 30 day challenge, even if it’s a few months after the official “event” and such, would be a grand idea. So day one!


Day one is to “Use cloth bags.” I didn’t buy anything aside from dinner so my need for one was limited but I did bring my furoshiki cloth for my bento box because of overnight condensation on it from my fridge. I always have a reusable handbag or two handy in, or clipped on, my handbag. Call me lazy but I’d rather just sling big sacks over my shoulders like messenger bags so I don’t have to handle the bags with my hands as I wrangle my handbag, keys and stainless steel Starbucks tumbler trying to get in the door. So I was at least prepared for a day where I’d have to buy something!

I did gather all the ones I have in my room up to put in my car to be more prepared for outings.

As for the rest of my day, well just enjoy the Instagram photos.


With my sister for dinner! My first outing as a #zerowaste person!

A photo posted by Grace McCarter (@thebentobuff) on May 24, 2016 at 3:59pm PDT




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