Zero Waste Nerd Challenge Day 3

Today is day 3! The ZW Nerd’s challenge for today is to not do fast food! Easy?


I met up with a friend for sushi. It was yummy and we had a good time talking, I didn’t think to snap any photos, but I was able to ask for no straws! The waitress saw my chopsticks and complimented them but then brought out a pair of disposable ones. I also forgot that at pretty much any Asian cuisine restaurant you’re given a fortune cookie when you get the bill. Not-disposable plastic waste wrapped. Still less waste than if we went to a fast food joint.


I also did a little fabric shopping. I bought two glass nail files, forgetting about the little plastic sleeves they came wrapped in. I just saw they were glass and remembered the one my mom bought years ago lasted a really long time unlike my cheaper disposable ones. The store is going out of business so I made a few impulse buys.

I also rummaged in the fabric salvage bins! These lonely little scraps still came wrapped up, it’s the two most prominently wrapped things in the photo. I found the lightest fabric I could, I’m going to make really light produce bags so I don’t have to worry about the tear weight! Then I bought more fabrics I fell in love with. A while back I reverse engineered my Versalette to make one long enough for me. Since they’re back-ordered until fall and they’re amazing for summer I decided to have a little fun with prints! They’re going to be really light, so it’ll be great for those super hot work days. When 4:30 hits I can take off my pants, change into my flats and instant summer friendly outfit! The heavier white fabric, meanwhile, feels so nice to the touch, I’m going to make a pajama one because comfort, haha.

The minion fabric was bought to make minion handkerchiefs for one of my best friends who loves everything Britain and everything ugly. The minimum for purchase was two yards of fabric so I need to figure out what else I can make out of minion fabric because nobody needs two yards of this stuff.

I also learned that the foil wrapping for the Earth Balance buttery bars is not recyclable or compostable.

“The Stick wrappers are foil laminated paper specifically used for food grade items. They are not recyclable.”

But are they compostable? I don’t know and that’s frustrating. I don’t use a great deal of Earth Balance, so it’s something to think about.

In other news, I also got my Graze box in the mail.

A photo posted by Grace McCarter (@thebentobuff) on May 26, 2016 at 5:38pm PDT


It is with a heavy heart that I am cancelling my subscription. Their flapjacks are a soft granola bar and one of my favorite foods. They also helped me to start eating healthier snacks at a point where I wasn’t really doing that. Sure most of it’s recyclable, but not all of it.

All in all, today was more wasteful than yesterday, but it helped me learn some steps and what to look for when making future purchases.

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