Zero Waste Nerd Challenge Day 4

So I’ve made it to day 4!


I woke up with a slight headache but when I left the house, I made sure I had my packed lunch, my reusable cups, my shopping bags, and my handkerchiefs. About 30 minutes into my workday, my headache started to get worse. I drank excessive water to try to calm my caffeine withdrawal and it helped. When I left work I didn’t have a headache any more.

I wasn’t processing on all cylinders, however. It was a touch rough. The boyfriend and I went to Pizza Hut for dinner. The lady plopped down paper napkins and paper wrapped cutlery. I did ask for no straw in my water and used my handkerchief to wipe my fingers on from the grease from my cheese-free pizza. Do they throw away the unused napkins? Especially if it’s obvious that they’ve not been touched? I was too nervous to say anything.
We both had about a half a pizza left over so we shared a box, my cleaned out lunch box wouldn’t have been big enough. His parents burn their cardboard, so it’s not like it’ll end up in a dumpster, so that’s a win! Significantly better than no afterlife Styrofoam.

When we got back to his house I drank a couple of cans of soda (I’d mentioned my lack of caffeine). They also recycle all their plastic bottles and cans, but I’m gonna do my darnedest to resist those plastic water bottles.

The worst thing for me was when the boyfriend brought up the whole zero waste thing. He kept poking fun about it and asking if his actions at were affecting my “challenge.” (I’m doing the challenge because it’s a thing a day to focus on, but the overall goal is to cut down as much waste as possible in general while still leading a fulfilling life). I wasn’t and still dont feel quite comfortable chatting about it yet, especially in depth.

Perhaps that’s something to focus on for another post, the other benefits for zero waste aside from the environmental ones.

Also, today I didn’t take any pictures of anything today. Whoops!

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