Zero Waste Nerd Challenge Day 5

Onto day 5!


I almost always have this darned tumbler on me. When I bought the first one(I own 3) I noticed it said “No hot beverages,” on the care manual. My first thought was “Whatever, gonna do it anyway!” It works amazingly.

So today I went out to the farmer’s market and bought nearly all waste free goodies. I’m not quite sure how to bring up to my friend (I met him through the market) that I’d prefer my stuff waste free because it’d make him to have to adjust how he packages at least mine. That’s something I think I’ll tackle later. On a much more fun note, regarding that same friend, apparently he and Jake picked out a band name, so I am officially the bassist for “Toxic Addiction.” And after just googling that, it would seem the name has been claimed by someone else on Facebook, so I might need to make a suggestion.

As for the coffee cup, I hung out with that friend at market for a couple of hours, during which I needed to refill my tumbler twice. I had a big jug of water I keep filled in my car, so I didn’t have to spend any money to get good tasting water!

My boyfriend’s parents also had a “crab feast” today, which is just the grossest thing to me, mainly because of how gross seeing those dead crabs and crab entrails is. There was a plate of vegan food for me but then the corn was plopped on paper plates and such. I’d also forgotten to grab my handkerchiefs, not to mention the boyfriend’s dad was berating me about my desire for a Tesla and about how worthless they are financially speaking (that’s not why I want one, obviously, but that’s beside the point), I was not about to bring out a napkin for him to mock me about more. My boyfriend ended up using the napkin after me to wipe crab entrails off of his hands, however, so not a total waste. This leads me to wondering, how do zero wasters handle social situations not at their homes and pretty much out of their control? Do we just go with the flow and not allow waste in our own homes? I have no idea how this works, and I haven’t read anything about that.

After the dinner I went through the pantry and found some long forgotten popcorn of mine. I’ve never really bought it in bags but the boyfriend’s family usually does, so I used up the rest of my fancy blue popcorn bottle and poured the rest of my yellow corn kernels into the bottle. That stuff is really old. It needs to be used up before I use the rest of my kernels at home.

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