Zero Waste Nerd Challenge Day 6

Today’s challenge goal was something I did yesterday. I seem to be making a habit of this!



Today went quite well. For most of the day I hung out with my rad cousin Laura. I also decorated my planner today.


Laura ended up preparing us both lunch, making a sort of fried rice using, well, rice, onions, oil, and Italian seasoning. It was pretty darn good!

We ended up watching a lot of anime/cartoons. We even enjoyed a little bit of Dark Souls(Add me on Steam?) since I’d just bought the game yesterday.  For the most part, aside from making a Midori style notebook out of some scrap vinyl(from my Matt & Nat handbag reparation project) there wasn’t any trash produced.

That’s the cool thing about digital games and other forms of media. There’s no trash being produced! When I bought Trust No One, it was wrapped in plastic. Not to mention the case and everything. I personally use the heck out of physical CDs, and I generally buy the special editions only of bands that I adore the music of. Devildriver is one of those such bands. Regardless, it’s not the best habit to have when buying the digital edition accomplishes most of the same thing. Aside from school books, Devildriver and Eyes of the Defiled‘s album(bought at a local show), the last physical album I bought new was, I think, Winter Kills, the Devildriver album from a few years ago(I’m going to see them perform Thursday, please pardon my fangirling).

A photo posted by Grace McCarter (@thebentobuff) on May 18, 2016 at 4:30am PDT


Then my grandma called. We met up at a fast food joint. I’d even brought my own cup but I’d forgotten I had it in my hand(ever lose your sunglasses/glasses on top of your head? Yes? So you can relate). I ended up getting a soda and some fries. It was yummy but a lot of unnecessary trash produced for something no good for my body. After that, I went to the boyfriend’s to watch Game of Thrones. There and after I got home I didn’t produce any more trash.

Hopefully tomorrow will go more smoothly!

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