Zero Waste Nerd Challenge Day 7 One Week Completed!

Today is one of the most frustrating days of the challenge for me because it’s not something I can easily go do.


First, I searched on the Bulk App, and all the places nearest for that sort of thing are past the Bay Bridge, meaning all those options are about 100 miles away one way.

Then, I Googled all kinds of keywords and keep coming up with the same old stuff, Walmart, Giant, those places don’t sell much in the way of actual bulk bins unless you count those huge boxes of nuts around the holidays or loose produce. I suppose that means I have to stick with buying really big sizes of things and filling containers with it. I know there has to be bulk places around here, in all my searching the candy store in the mall never showed up, and it has loose, bulk candy bins. This morning I put some really tiny fabric bags in my handbag with the hopes of learning how the lady that runs the place would react. Instead, Laura and Lisa voted on ice cream.


This was pretty exciting for me! I ended up finding another dairy-free ice cream/sorbet at Baskin Robbin’s aside from that blue daiquiri one. The candy seeds were a super cute touch, and the whole thing tasted really yummy! I also got a cone so I could eat most of the packaging. The paper is in my handbag, waiting to go into my newly labeled dry-compost container.

I put all of my actual trash from the week into a non-compostable chip bag I’d bought last Sunday before my decision to become Zero-Waste. It seems like a lot when compared to all those ZW Divas who have the mason jar thing going on, but I have to remind myself, I’m just getting started and am learning. I also have trash that’s not in here. I went out to eat quite a few times this week, and an umbrella broke! I feel really bad because I trashed it in the 5 Guys’ trash can. Reflecting on it, I could have made a really cute grocery bag out of it.


the trash for week one

I also emptied out all of my compost today into my dad’s compost tumbler thing. In total, its volume was about half the amount of my chip bag of trash.

Back to bulk shopping; I finally found via Yelp a place that’s in Easton, which apparently offers bulk options in Easton. It’s about 41 miles away from my house, one way which isn’t nearly as bad. I am a little worried, however, because of the absolutely scathing review on there. 

There were no fewer than FIVE times where we encountered expired foods in the refrigerated sections, BUGS in the bulk foods, and really old or spoiled items on the dried goods shelves. There was clearly a lack of attention by staff to routinely checking expiration dates of dairy products, dusting, cleaning or rotating stock of items that may not fly off the shelves, or proper care and storage of bulk items.

I have a friend who lives in Easton, so the next time I go to see her would be a great time to check this place out. I don’t plan to make a special trip to potentially be greeted by bugs.


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