Zero Waste Nerd Challenge Day 8

So today was pretty boring. I just prepared for the trip to Baltimore tomorrow. The boyfriend and I went out for dinner where I produced a few napkins of trash. I didn’t think to grab them for composting.
I did get an absolute deal, however.

I went to Goodwill to buy a fully sealable water bottle because I want to be able to put my drink in my handbag tomorrow without worry of it leaking and Wednesdays at the 20% off day at my local store. I was hoping for a Sigg one, the stainless steel kind, but to no avail. I DID happen upon these two beauties! A glass reusable bottle with the tag still on it and a glass jar! After my discount I pair less than $2.50 USD for the pair. Zero waste doesn’t need branding of fancy brands, honestly the most sustainable way for us to shop is to use the secondhand market. In fact, the ZW community seems to endorse the same products over and over, which is a bit problematic.


I’ve noticed in the zero waste community that plastic gets a lot of hate(like Zero Waste Nerd’s blog post for this day of the challenge). But I have three reusable Sistema Cutlery sets, one of which I’ve been using for nearly 5 years!

I brought a set along with me when I went to dinner with my friend Allison, and the waitress thought my purple chopsticks from that set were cute.

That said, it feels embarrassing to have these plastic sets or to post pictures of them, which is dumb. Bea Johnson’s rules start with refuse. I’m also a minimalist-in-training, so with these notes, why would I go out and buy a new metal cutlery set to put in a cloth bag when these work perfectly fine? I legitimately don’t own a metal cutlery set so if I got rid of these not only would they likely end up in the landfill before their time, but I’d have to buy full sets of metal cutlery.

Uhm, yeah, no, my reusable plastic sets are light and easy to carry. Three sets is optimal for having two of my best friends over. If I have any more guests it’s time to prepare finger food!

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