Zero Waste Nerd Challenge Day 11

Day 11 is to use a compostable toothbrush! I still am working on my current toothbrush and have another one stocked up.  That noted, I added the Brush with Bamboo toothbrushes to my Amazon cart after doing a fair amount of Googling today.

My googling led me to a conundrum. Actually cruelty free and vegan friendly or non-compostable bristles. In the end I chose the vegan friendly variant. The brushes I’ve picked have a bunch of great reviews.

Today, I also hung out with my cousin and boyfriend. My cousin and I went to the farmer’s market, the flea market, and to a consignment shop that was all in walking distance. I found more cute handkerchiefs, a really cute tea diffuser, vintage sewing fasteners(there were so many, and you can’t buy them new for that cheap) and a pair of really nice vintage gloves that will go swell with my winter jacket.

The rest of today consisted of stuffing my face full of food and watching Rick and Morty with my boyfriend. Relaxing, for certain,

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