Zero Waste Nerd Challenge Day 12

So today’s challenge is to make homemade toiletries.

I was pretty excited when I woke up because I thought a friend and I would be making lotion today, but she was feeling ill. I hope she feels better soon because I’m starting to run low on lotion!

I thought about making everything else on the Zero Waste Nerd’s post, but I still have a bunch of prescription toothpaste left, and I think my dentist would likely kill me if I stopped using a toothpaste with fluoride again(full disclaimer: I took bad care of my teeth, don’t be like me!). I’m also not really into scrubs, I have a lot of lip balm left for a while, I don’t use hair spray, and what is the difference between lotion and a moisturizer?

Instead I used the day to take care of a little bit of produce shopping and tend my recycling situation.


As you can see, I hate recycling. It’s just as much of an annoyance to me as taking out the garbage. Seems like a good enough reason to live zero waste, if entirely selfish.

When I got home I cleaned out my fridge and made everything look nice in it.


After I publish this, I will be tidying up the rest of my room.

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