Zero Waste Nerd Challenge Day 13

Day 13 is for reusable menstrual products. I will spare you all photos of my reusable pad and Diva Cup. I will note that having them saves me from having to ask others for help if they have any lady-time products if a certain guest wants to visit.


But the fun part of today was making my own lotion with friends! Granted the recipe came out super oily despite claiming it was a non-oily kind, so I won’t share the link, and the Shea Butter came packaged not only in a layer of plastic but those non-recyclable foil-lined paper bags with a plastic Ziploc-style zipper, so I also won’t link to that product but it came out looking like an icing! We added food dye(because it looked like a certain kind of bodily fluid and I had some old food dye on hand). When it became a pretty pink color, one of my friends ran out to her car to get glitter. We proceeded to add lots of glitter to our lotions.

We learned a lot about how we wanted to make this stuff going forward.

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