Zero Waste Nerd Challenge Days 14, 15, and 16

Day’s 14, 15, and 16 cover composing, junk mail, and going to the farmer’s market. I’m signing up for those anti-junk mail lists today, but I’ve been composting and went to the farmer’s market on the wrong day for the challenge. I really feel like it’s a frustrating way to go about it because each challenge item seems to fall on a wrong day, a day too early or too late. I’m thinking the last 14 days will be done with one post a week or something.


These past three days have been fun. Tuesday one of my friends emailed me and mentioned she was having a vegan potluck on Wednesday(yesterday).

I went to the Tuesday Farmer’s market after work on the hunt for a vegan friendly dessert that I could bring. There wasn’t one there. So it was to the little seasonal produce store that is near my house. I’d seen some potentially zero waste cake mixes there Sunday so I went in to investigate. They were $8 each. Zero waste is supposed to be cheaper, screw that. My sister called and needed posterboard for a project for school(waiting till the last minute, like usual) so I went to the nearest Dollar Store. They used to sell a cookie mix that I was super into. I figured nothing else fit my fancy last minute so until I learn to make something from scratch, maybe I should have a box or two of this on hand.

Well, they didn’t. I did come away with a tiny shopping haul from there which consisted of a small glass jar with a metal lid(perfect for lotions!), a small box of sugar which will be nice once I finally use up my stevia, a 2 pound bag of paper wrapped flour, and a box of baking soda. All zero waste sans the sticker that had the barcode on the jar. All the while, this entire back and forth with Amanda assuring me I didn’t need to bring anything, she was making a metric butt-load of food and I was more than welcome to bring a friend along. After the final gut blow with the cookie mix, I conceded and decided to just bring myself.

Yesterday I went to work, per usual. Something awesome happened and I came up with a schedule for this blog to keep the bento thing going strong along with expanding the site and building my writing skills and making this a better site for more people. Then, during lunch I realized I have another vegan friend that would likely enjoy the ever-loving snot out of an event like this, so I invited him along.


We had a blast. Chattering away on the entire drive there and back we were pretty hype. Lars greeted us basically at the door of my car so I didn’t have a chance right away to text my boyfriend to let him know we arrived safely, so when I got half a second and could, I felt incredibly rude to my friends, but a promise is a promise and I was trying to keep the boyfriend updated because he worries and I wanted him to be able to enjoy his day. I’m the only one allowed to fret(ayyyyy, music joke!).

The food was very yummy! We all plan to do this sort of thing again in the near future and hopefully grow it.


CURRY! And all the dishes were compostable to boot!

Amanda has been a friend for a few years now and she ended up sending me home with a small goodie bag. Vegan nail polish and a really cute handmade bag.


There were also a lot of leftovers, so Amanda sent both Keith and I home with a good amount of them.


As for today, I start bass guitar lessons. Helen(the bass) and I are excited! I can’t imagine there being a lot of trash involved in learning an instrument, but we’ll see.

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