The rest of the Zero Waste Nerd Challenge

I ended the rest of the Zero Waste Nerd’s challenge with quite a whimper. Over the course of the past week and a half I’ve barely given it any thought and have no idea what the rest of the days were themed as, to be honest. The 30 days felt either wrongly paced by a day or two the day for whatever I had planned and as a result of the constant frustration, I just started not paying attention to it.

I did learn a lot and I think if I was to create my own zero waste challenge, it’d be a lot different. For instance I’d set it up to be once a week with three new things to implement over the next week over the course of ten weeks. It’s a lot more drawn out but I feel like it would be less overwhelming for newbies. The appeal of hitting it hard and fast is awesome but honestly, a few smaller simple steps will really help one stop a lot of garbage from entering their lives. The rest are just seasonings to enhance the flavor. I’ll likely make a program in the future but for now I’m having fun beta testing another Youtuber’s challenge.

I also made myself a Youtube Challenge all about being Zero Waste. You guys can check it out, I’m NotATrashyGirl on there. I thought up the name and thought it was hilarious enough to warrant deviating from The Bento Buff a touch and went for it.

As for comparing my finances before, during, and after, that’s going to be nuts. Buying a new [to me but it’s very low miles] car(cash, I’m broke now but at least my new ride is reliable and will hopefully last me until I’m near 40) buggered up my Mint account, foiled my saving goal of an additional $8,000 for the year, and created a lot of waste (paperwork and  such). I was surprised. I can easily look at before averages in Mint, and maybe I can make heads or tails of some stuff, but I’d ended up using way more cash this month than anticipated, so I need to figure out how to calculate all of this stuff.


Would you be interested in a slower more schedule-friendly zero-waste challenge?

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