A Moustachian Philosophy

This week’s inspirational post is about one guy. He goes by Mr. Money Mustache and he’s changed the entire way I look at money.

So Mr. Money Moustache might be younger than you, he might earn more than you, but there are ways to get on track to retiring sooner than you’d anticipate. I’m applying his philosophy with Dave Ramsey’s Complete Money Makeover plan to maybe retire early.

I’ve had a few people laugh at me when I’ve mentioned my intention to retire early. When I mentioned to them that I paid cash for my 2015 VW Jetta at only 23 years of age and their jaws just kinda drop and then they believe in me. They don’t need to know that I bought the car a year old for significantly cheaper than new, so shhhh. But let me get into what I’m doing.


What about you? What are your plans for retirement?

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