HUGE Blog News, Subscribers Please Read ASAP

It’s come to my attention that after over 6 months on a self-hosted blog, the goal of growing The Bento Buff has not budged one bit. I’ve had lapses in how long it’s been since I’ve posted, I’ve gone full sprint. I’ve even wormed my way into a program about international bento* and I still haven’t had much happen in way of growing the blog. I’ve been looking for ways to port my subscribers back over, but there doesn’t seem to be any way for me to do that. If you want to keep following The Bento Buff, where I’ll be moving back to posting ONLY about bento, you’ll NEED to follow me again. If you like to visit, I will be mapping the domain back to the old WordPress before terribly long, so you’ll end up at the new blog. This is the last time I’ll be moving the blog unless decides to shut down.

I really hope that you decide to continue to follow my efforts, but if not, I understand.

*my sleepy bear bento in the scrolling background and a short clip of my prepping it in the closing credits

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