Jotaro Kujo Bento

It’s been so long since I’ve made a character themed bento. I figured, instead of starting off with an actual character, I’d choose something representative of them until I get better reacquainted with my tools.


This week’s kyaraben is based around Jotaro Kujo of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, featuring one of his little hat pins.


The bento is made from rice with a vegan-friendly furikake, sauteed mushrooms and peppers. The pin is actually made from two layers of fried tofu. I tried to make them fry a golden brown, which has never been an issue with smaller bits of fried tofu; needless to say it didn’t work. It looked patchy and not great.

I ended up putting a solid layer of nutritional yeast on top of the tofu, so when lunch-time rolls around, the way to eat this will be to flip over the cup and mash up the tofu with my fork and combine with the veggies to make an impromptu tofu-scramble. The humidity last night was off the charts as well! I had a time battling the hand, trying to keep it from curling! I also need to watch more tutorials on cutting nori.

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