So Stuffed

I went to the farmer’s market near campus yesterday and picked up some peppers and a few tomatoes. The gentleman selling the sweet peppers said they were so sweet he ate one raw like an apple a short bit ago. Personally, I liked the aesthetic of the peppers and how short they were, so I knew I was going to be enjoying stuffed peppers today!c40d8073-ca12-41e9-89c9-54a3fffe46fe.jpg

So the rice is cooked using my cooker. I didn’t think to throw the tiny peppers in with them, I ended up sauteing them.

The tomato was a success! I’ve tried cutting things in this style before, but it’s always turned out looking lopsided. I still feel like there’s gotta be a more effective way at doing this that doesn’t result in the ruination of a half a tomato, however.

The peppers are stuffed with tofu, onions, nutritional yeast, and onion. I baked at 450F for 25 minutes, and the pepper skins are smooth enough to cut with a spoon. I just ate some with breakfast and was pleased.

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