Scrounging Together

I’m super close to my food budget for the month, so I don’t have much money for things like produce right now. Right now, it’s just more irritation at myself and determination to stick to my budget.

In this bento I have a fancy forbidden rice which had been sitting on my shelf for ages and decided to pull out and use up. I added a fair amount of Earth Balance to make it palatable.

I am also using up the rest of those mushrooms I bought last week, simply boiling them with the squash and carrot. They’ll be pretty good with a decent amount of salt, since I lacked the motivation to do much else with them, and the squash had frozen from being placed too close to the freezer part of my mini fridge. Cooking the squash any other way likely wouldn’t have turned out right and taken significantly longer.

Last, but not least, was the seitan. This stuff smelled so good when I was preparing it, I started eating some of this stuff right out of the pan!

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