I got inspired to make this bento by the Tamagotchi character I have on my Connection V1.


I noticed that my seitan was the same color as Tarakotchi’s skin(fur?) and cut it longer so I could lay the nori on it. That curled up from the heat of it being freshly baked. I pulled out my old jar of Just Mayo. Not only was that expired, it was so expired that it was really no good anymore. No surprise, glad I only bought a tiny jar. The stuff is exactly like egg based mayo but I’ve never been a huge fan of mayo in general. I’d bought it originally to make a tofu based eggless egg salad for bento apparently around a year and a half ago.

So no gluing the nori down with mayo. And alas, I pulled out my Tofutti vegan cheese slices, throwing his color palette off, but he still got to be the character in my kyaraben.

I’m having more fun making kyaraben with nori on cheeze but I’m trying to think of what to branch out to next.

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