Top 5 Vegan Bento of the Week

While I was off not staring at bento on Instagram everyone decided to make the most delicious and fresh looking bento! Even the one with fried mushrooms looks fresh and non-greasy. I need cooking lessons from all of these people.

I’m considering diving back further than a week and creating certain themes of vegan bento of the week, like people’s first attempts(or newbies in general), character bento, etc. I’m not sure. I think sharing a mix of things also has its own merits and might lend itself to helping people, especially with ones made in the last week. Odds are, during the warmer months, the produce in the bento are in season. What do you think? Would you like to see a theme week every now again on the Instagram bento posts?

If you want to submit a bento for my Friday posts just post your vegan friendly bento to Instagram with the tag #veganbento! I pull all the bento from there and I pick my top 5 favorites to share on here.

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