Top 5 Vegan Bento of the Week

There’s a lot of new people participating in the #veganbento tag on Instagram, so naturally I want to share them! I love seeing all the vegan bento and the new posters always have a unique look. I’m to the point now where when I see one of the regulars’ bentos in the stream I can guess the username to the bento. Doesn’t make them less amazing, it just means I’ve gotten familiar with their style. That said, everyone is posting quality stuff, go check out the tag! There’s so many more I’d have loved to feature this week, culling these for the post was incredibly difficult once I got down to 8.

I always love new art! And there’s kyaraben this week!

Vegan Bento with couscous, Baked potatoes and vegan patties. #veganbento

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