Another throwback bento!

The Bento Buff

BunBunFriday night when my boyfriend and I were going home from our weekly D&D session, my boyfriend decided to start going on about BUNBUN. The way he was yammering on and whatnot was incredibly kawaii, and he decided Bun-Bun would be the name of the bunny rabbit that lives outside his house.

Bun-Bun is a wild rabbit, but he’s not afraid of us humans at all. He runs off if you get too close, but too close for Bun-Bun is just over 2 feet away from him. He just kind of sits and watches everyone.

Anyway, when I was making my bento for dinner tonight I decided I’d use my bunny shaped cutters! I used the sandwich cutters for the raisin bread, and the silicone bunny cup to hold the matching yellow baby corn. The mini bunny faces were cut out with the tiny hard plastic deco-ben set. They’re “glued”…

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