The Week of Sandwiches: Vegg Salad Sandwich Bento


I don’t follow recipes very often, usually I’m a bit of a pantser* when it comes to preparing food, but this time I decided I wanted to make vegan egg salad. So I enlisted the help of a block of tofu and this recipe. I sampled some of the eggless salad and it was really yummy! I might have to keep all the ingredients on hand for the warm months to bring to cookouts and such that I get invited to! I decided to be lazy and not move my lamp so I took the photo by my 3D printer and out of the 10 photos I took, this was the best one, but you can see a wee bit of the printer in the corner. I can’t wait until I sell this thing and that table is basically exclusively for taking photos of things(mostly bento) and eating food in my room with friends. Right now there’s not really any good surfaces to play games on in my room, among other things.

The Recipe:

* by the seat of my pants

Week of Sandwiches: Day 1


Today’s bento consists of more Ezekiel Bread, cherry tomatoes, and lettuce with an apple slice.

I decided to go with a theme this week! Since I’m rocking a loaf of that Ezekiel bread, I should be able to finish out the week with it, making for a very sandwiched week leading up to my submitting to the contest.

Today’s bento feels a little boring, since it’s mostly a repeat of what I did last week, only in a Monbento with lots more lettuce and less non-sandwich things. I bought some stuff to play around with fillings a bit later in the week, but yesterday was incredibly busy as will tonight. I will be out of the Lightlife Vegan Bacon once I prepare tomorrow’s bento, so I will have to knock that one out of the park for a FLT(facon, lettuce, and tomato) sandwich or kick some major butt with the remaining three days.

Foodie Friday: PB&J


Today’s bento is another sandwich! I’ve been playing around with giving the sandwiches a little more POP to help them stand apart from each other. I took yesterday’s advice from myself and put a piece of baran between each layer. Now that I think about it, I could have gotten away with fresh lettuce. The baran looks okay, but the darker green would be more suited towards separating sandwiches with lettuce in them, providing a contrast. I also want to get some silicone baran to be more environmentally sustainable, but I got the bag of these disposable ones in an Ebay lot with a bunch of other bento stuff(the baran was NIP) so I want to use these up first.
The sandwiches are made out of Ezekiel Bread with Peanut Butter & Co’s White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter(best peanut butter I’ve ever tasted) and Braswell’s Fig Preserves (which don’t actually taste like figs, much to my dismay). As my sides are mini apple bunny slices, and baby dill pickles.

Vegan BLT Sandwich Bento 2.0

vegan blt2

Today’s bento is yet another vegan BLT using Lightlife’s vegan bacon, Ezekiel bread, Just Mayo(vegan mayonnaise) with fresh lettuce and tomatoes. I’m going to be entering yet another bento contest before the month is out, and it’s sandwich themed, so I’m playing around with sandwiches. The only thing I’d improve with this bento is to maybe use baran between each sandwich so it doesn’t look like toppings separated by a big block of bread. Live and learn, since this is only my third or fourth bento featuring sideways sandwiches! Tomorrow I might have PB&J.

I’m loving how my photos have been coming out as of late!