Vegan Bento Daily Lunch #14 and Update


So my internet detoxing is going pretty well. I did take a little time to play around online and was inspired to make pack an awesome vegan bento after being sick and taking a break from really bento-ing. Vegan Black Metal Chef is hilarious and vegan. If you’re into metal or have an open mind about music, I’d highly recommend checking out a video or two of his.

This bento has mashed potatoes, apple sauce(with cinnamon!), baby carrots, Gardein’s Szechuan Beefless Strips, and asparagus. I’d been putting off preparing the asparagus because I had it in my mind that I had to boil it. I ended up cooking it in the pan right after the Gardein goodies and boy are they tasty!

So what else have I been doing when trying to take a break from the internet? I unsubscribed from most of the Youtube channels I followed, read books and short stories, finished reading the (small) pile of unread comic books, helped a friend with her novel, finally bought windshield wiper fluid, read a few articles from VegNews, organized my desk, tended to (and killed) a Tamagotchi, read a chapter of my Geology textbook, uploaded two videos to Youtube(recorded offline and was studying when they uploaded), uninstalled over 40 apps from my phone, made a bento, did homework, classwork, the paying jobby-job, and slept more. I don’t understand how it but it’s working, I’m so much more well-rested, it’s amazing. Time just feels like it’s abundant now and I love it!

I think I’m going to learn how to make a green tea latte because I’d really taken to matcha before I got really sick a couple of weeks ago(my queue of posts ran out). I think it’d be fun to make. I’ve gotten pretty good at making soy/almond chai lattes, why not matcha? I bet it’d be even better.  Sure it’d require internet use to find recipes but as long as I go about it intentionally, I’m sure I’ll find a worthy recipe and have a good time of it.

Speaking of metal, the friend who is going to teach me how to play bass and I have actually scheduled when we’re going to get together for me to actually get my first lesson in! I’m pretty excited! m/

Lazy Bento

Not a ton of thought went into this bento because I as doing an “At-Home Boss Rush,” which is where I make a really hard push for an hour to try to cross as many things off of my to-do list as possible. I made a decent dent, but part of that was making this bento!

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Tabletop Gaming Bento


Today’s bento has me super excited for lunch to roll around! I spent a bunch of time during my breaks at work looking at Japanese in orgin bento and got a few ideas on styling, so I’m pleased to see how this turned out! I decided to go with a gaming dice motif, it’s simple but cute.

Today’s bento has Gardein’s Crispy Tenders, Gardein’s Beefless tips, Girl Scout Thin Mints(they’re vegan now!), celery, carrots, edamame and a pickle. On the other half is more of that Shepard’s pie I made along with some fake dice crafted out of Tofutti’s vegan cheese slices and nori for detailing. I wish I could get a better go at the lighting, but it was so dark outside that any hope of a daylight photo was gone last night, when I made this.

All three photos of dice are all mine from my Instagram. I play magic and had a grand time with some friends playing 13th Age. Our DM is one of the most creative people I know and he’s currently in Hong Kong for studying abroad! You can follow him here:

Beefless Bunny and Umeboshi Bento


I made a bunny out of Gardein’s beefless ground, used broccoli, edamame and made rice with another umeboshi in it. The last one was really strong, so I’m expecting no less from this one. That said, I’m starting to acclimate, methinks.

Snack Bento


This bento was a snack I threw together for yesterday morning. The Ezekiel bread could have used some sort of margarine or jam.

That said, I’m still waiting on answers to the question about vegan coupons on this blog!

As for the vegan coupon part; would any of you be interested if I linked vegan coupons I find online? I understand that for many, products such as Gardein can be prohibitively expensive, and even a few pennies off a pack of tofu or bag of frozen veggies there can be a huge help for some.
If you do want me to start doing that, would you prefer it to be on another site, as a second half of the weekday bento post,or even as a weekend post separate from the bento posts but still on this site? If you’re opposed to it, may I ask why?

It’s just an idea I started kicking around last night since so many of the vegan deals/coupons sites I find seem to wind up out of date pretty easily(Boo! :[ ).