Leftover Noodles


This weekend my boyfriend and I went to get Chinese take-out for dinner. He also has what basically amounts to a phobia of leftover foods, so I took his vegan-friendly vegetable lo mein leftovers home for myself.

To me, take-out leftovers seldom taste differently whether it’s fresh or a couple days old. Still tastes like an MSG party.


Let’s not use the healthy lunch tag on this post.


I’m still no expert at presentation but I do believe it is very important.


Dinner out at my favorite local restaurant

So yummy and looks really good! I can only eat so much food before I get full, so I have to pack up my leftovers!


It doesn’t look as amazing but I tried.
The gluten was incredibly salty so I left the rice plain, opting to not even dare adding salty furikake.
Here’s to getting better!

Spicy Chili

I’m not so sure you could even call today’s bento a bento.IMG_2046

Today’s bento was just a bunch of bean chili that I made last night. It was really yummy and I gobbled it right up during lunch.

You may be asking why the silicone cups. I’ve read that the white Monbento boxes can stain incredibly easily, so I figured that the silicone would be a good extra layer of protection between the staining chili powder, tomatoes and the plastic.

The Hot Mess Bento

FullSizeRender (1)

Last night I hung out with a couple of my friends until rather late. I tossed some leftovers from our dinner, some rice, the reject ends of vegan sushi rolls, and a slice of vegan cake.
So basically this bento is nothing but a mess of carbs while also looking like nothing more than a mess as well.

Delicious, delicious carbs!

Lighting Issues


This bento turned out BEAUTIFUL in real life but I just could not get the lighting to work the way I wanted it to.

Anyway, today’s bento features the rest of my cucumber, some veggies and fried tofu leftover from the other night, mashed potatoes and a square of chocolate laced with espresso beans. In the bunny container is old bay for my potatoes!
I’m pretty excited for this lunch, it looks so lovely in real life!

New Restaurant, New Leftovers

Today’s lunch bento almost didn’t go up! 

Last night a fried and I went to a new restaurant because our usual favorite closed at 9pm. 

We ordered so much food, it was ridiculous. But of course, whenever I find a restaurant with a lot of vegan options I want to sample a lot of things.

In this bento is leftover Bean Curd(tofu) with Szechuan Style. It wasn’t amazing but good enough for me to maybe try something else from there in the future.

They also sell a lot of different kinds of sushi, and I’m sure there’s vegan kinda. Sam ordered a few featuring fish, which as a vegan I wouldn’t partake in(there’s oftentimes vegan friendly sushi), but I’m hoping that the low cost of the sushi doesn’t provide issues for her(the restaurant was SUPER cold) but the rolls came in the CUTEST little disposable bento style box! Kawaii!

In this bento is the last of my salad as well. Yum!

The Use it All Up Bento


Today’s bento is just me using up everything that I can before the weekend. I had leftover mashed potatoes and gravy, leftover green beans, leftover cucumber slices, leftover fried okra, leftover corn and I also used up the rest of the Boca Vegan Chik’n Nuggets.

It looks so yummy, I can’t wait to eat!