Eat Your Greens


This was the bento I made for the earlier half of the week. Granted, I should have taken the photo Sunday as opposed to Wednesday, because it would have looked way fresher and yummier, but here we are with my procrastinating and meal-planning self. I even have to leave for work in 3 minutes. *yanks curtain back into place*

This bento features Morningstar’s vegan chick’n strips with sauteed lima beans and brussel sprouts from the farmer’s market.

Green and Red


This bento was simple to make, and I quite enjoyed doing so! In it are Gardein’s Meatless Meatballs  accompanies by the snow peas, regular peas, strawberries and mashed potatoes.

You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to get a decent photograph of these potatoes! When I put the potatoes in the silicone cup, I focused on making it as smooth as possible, but texture and shadow are what photograph well, much more than a flat white bed of potatoes! I should have decorated it with nori.