Vegan Bento Daily Lunch #8


I don’t particularly like talking about work on this blog, but one of my coworkers seems to have taken a real interest in my meals. I’ve never really taken to sharing how my bento looks with my coworkers, namely because the only other one who really ate in the break room sat across at an angle. Not exactly a clear view. The new guy sits right next to me, so lately I feel as if I’m being bombarded with questions.


What did make me smile was when he saw me assemble my fork during lunch. He was shocked that I just assembled my fork like that. Then another coworker came in (he usually goes out to eat) and thought I broke it when I took it back apart. These people crack me up sometimes.

In this bento, we have okra, peppers, beans, and rice. The simplest lunch in the history of, like, ever, but it was still tasty. When I was about halfway done I pulled out the divider and mixed it all up. That was superb!

Vegan Bento Daily Lunch #7


The bento I’m sharing today is from Saturday. I spent all day in town and met up with my boyfriend at a friend’s house.

Since I was in town all day and on a budget, it seemed appropriate to pack a meal. Eating bento meals save me lots of money. In total this bento probably cost less than $2 for that amount of food whereas if I went to even a fast food place, I’d be paying at least double,with the exception of Taco Bell, but bean burritos get boring!

In this bento I have rice topped with sesame seeds, some leftover chickpea salad, okra, and pickled beets!

Vegan Bento Daily Lunch #6


I was unsure of what I was going for in today’s bento. I ended up improvising on a few things. The bento was originally “framed” with chopped up yellow and green peppers but I knew I wanted a decent source of protein, so I overlayed it with kidney beans.
I cut the flowers and leaves using food cutters and added some okra on top of the rice as well. I decided to slice a kidney bean in half and thought it looked like a butterfly so I did another one as well and think they look really cute on the rice!

Vegan Bento Daily Lunch #4


For my second time busting out this beautiful bento, I knew I wanted to make another pretty lunch. I cooked up rice, as I often do, and prepared my first ever butternut squash!

I diced up the butternut squash into 1″ cubes and lightly coated them in sesame oil. I added sesame seeds, garlic powder, salt and pepper and baked the mixture at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes.

The beets were already picked and I added a touch of kidney beans. I love adding okra to my meals as well, it’s so interesting to look at, not to mention tasty!

The Bento of Death

As you may remember from my Devildriver bento post, you probably know that I dig alternative music. I’ve been a fan of Celldweller longer than every artist that I’m still into; it’s almost like as Klayton’s music has evolved, it’s like he hits the nail on the head for stuff that I’m hype about.

So when they put the call out for Celldweller themed art to publish in an artbook, of course I’m gonna jump on it! I submitted this yesterday afternoon, right after making it(and jamming to Celldweller- hey, you gotta set the mood).

I posted in my comment about the bento underneath, because I figured it’d be more fun for you to read it- it also gives you more of a peek into how I think, in general.


This meal is entirely edible, the art is done using dried seaweed and a black food marker on a slice of vegan Continue reading