Top 5 Vegan Bento of the Week


Eat Your Greens


This was the bento I made for the earlier half of the week. Granted, I should have taken the photo Sunday as opposed to Wednesday, because it would have looked way fresher and yummier, but here we are with my procrastinating and meal-planning self. I even have to leave for work in 3 minutes. *yanks curtain back into place*

This bento features Morningstar’s vegan chick’n strips with sauteed lima beans and brussel sprouts from the farmer’s market.



At market this past weekend, I saw a yellow cauliflower and knew I had to have it. The main reason I never really use cauliflower but generally opt for broccoli is because I just never felt like it made sense to have a white veggie in the same dish as a very likely white carb.

That said, there’s yellow squash in this bento, and I doubt you can even tell, so it was a pretty much a total failure, haha. I also have some carrots from market as well. I’m really trying to get the hang of how to make beautiful dishes from what I get from market. They’re generally very tasty, but the aesthetics just aren’t there. And without all the packaged stuff I’ve been depending on, or guaranteed ingredients for certain pops of color, it leads to a bit of a learning curve.

Top 5 Vegan Bento of the Week

Geeze, you can’t find solitude from this stupid election anywhere. WordPress just tried to get me to add a thing to the site to “encourage” you all to vote.

As I watch all of this unfold it only really just stresses me out. I greatly dislike both candidates and will be voting for a third party. I greatly dislike the fear mongering on both sides and always just want to go take a nap any time people start “talking” politics. People get vehement when you don’t agree with them. They get angry at the media and I overhear people “discussing” politics around me all the time and I’m just tired of it. I beleive that it’s two terrible people running and I can’t, in good conscious, vote for either of them, so I’ll vote for someone who I think can legitimately do a good job, even if they have no chance of winning.

And that is all you will hear about me on this election, and trust me, there won’t be a political themed bento because guess what? Election day is two days after my birthday. So I’ll likely be listening to Mesuggah(among other metal bands) in line for early voting and reading, and you know, making a birthday themed bento and whatnot.

Holy crap, that’s a wall of text! I’m so sorry! Onto the top 5 vegan bento of the week!

There were many spectacular looking meals this week! In my initial look, I saw 12 I adored! Ahhhh, cutting down to the best is soooo hard!

Top 5 Vegan Bento of the Week

This week I’ve been trying to polish off all of my produce before it went bad, which has been fun, but these bento are way cuter. A few of the Instagrammers made insanely cute, yet simple, character bento!

Got myself a new bento box with turquoise color. Filled it up with kidney beans with home made hummus, pan seared cajun tofu strips, brown rice, spinach bed and pan roasted veggies (local squash, bell pepper strips, and asragus), mustard mapple dressings, and grapes for lunch today. What a big lunch!!! 😜 Vegan and it's clean: no canned kidney beans, no store bought hummus, no no-no's. All are self-made (or processed) 🙏 . . . . xoxo, Kika #tokyovegan #vegantokyo #feedfeed #feedfeedvegan #vegan #plantbased #plantpowered #healthyfood #veganfoodshare #veganfood #veganrecipe #veganlife #veganism #veganfoodporn #vegansofig #veganfoodie #vegandish #bestofvegan #worldwideveganfood #letscookvegan #ahealthynut @a.healthy.nut #lunch #healthylunch #veganlunch #cleaneating #japanesebento #bentobox #bento #flyingtiger #veganbento

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Top 5 Vegan Bento of the Week

As I’ve been eating a lot of leftovers, I’ve been vicariously living through my fellow vegan Instagrammers. Let’s see my faves!

All alone in the office today😿 but at least i've got a good lunch to look forward to! I love making maki rolls with quinoa instead of rice (not very japanese, I know, but delicious & healthy!)🌱🍙 I've got quinoa maki rolls with cucumber, avocado, carrot, red and yellow pepper, red onion, and radish. Tofu marinated in a mix of light and dark soy sauce, maple syrup, tahini, chilli flakes and ginger. & a mix of pickled vegetables with spinach😍 (& my personalised chopsticks❤️🐵) #vegan #bento #obento #bentobox #packedlunch #lunchbox #veganlunch #quinoasushi #vegansushi #sushi #norirolls #maki #makirolls #pickle #pickledvegetables #tofu #veganlunch #veganfood #veganmeal #radish #vegansofig #whatveganseat #veganfoodshare #plantbased #veganprotein #veganpackedlunch #veganbento

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Tadah! It's been a while since I made a bento 🍱❤ This layer has roast pumpkin, carrot kinpira, rabbit apples, broccoli, and hummus with roasted paprika – plus an experiment with making vegan octopus weiners! These are the ends of Sanitarium hot dogs. It worked pretty well, and next time I'll try Redwood dogs. 🌭 The other layer is just vegetable curry and basmati rice, though now I wonder if it's strange to put curry in a wooden bento box…? じゃじゃー!!やっと弁当作った❤これは南瓜、兎りんご、人参きんぴら、フムス、そしてヴィーガンのタコウインナー🐙ちょっと失敗したけどww ほかのは野菜のドライカレーだ。木の弁当箱にカレーを入れるのは変ですか?🤔 #vegan #vegetarian #bento #veganbento #ヴィーガン #ビーガン

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Top 5 Vegan Bento of the Week

Monday I’d gotten thrown off schedule because of the holiday so I decided to take a little break. I’m back now. It wouldn’t be an “of the week” series if I didn’t do it every week!

Now let’s take a look at all of these beautiful lunches! I really want to recreate all of these, they look so yummy!

today's bento – white rice with broccoli and tofu stir-fry #bento #vegan #veganbento

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