Mixed up Meal

This bento was pretty easy to make, albeit a bit time consuming.

First I boiled kombu and the eggplant skins (to soften them). Then I added in the diced eggplant, carrots, peppers. Once all that was soften I poured out the water, and added in the chopped tomato. I let it simmer a bit to let the tomato flavors mingle with everything before adding in the rice. After adding in even thay I continued to let it simmer. I enjoyed a little bit that wouldn’t fit in my box yesterday for dinner.

Let’s just say I’m very excited for lunch time.

Vegan Bento Daily Lunch #3


It’s not too often I’m lucky enough to make a bento while it’s daylight out but Saturday was one of those days. I pulled out the wooden box my boyfriend bought for me for Christmas and used it for the first time.

In this bento I have my beloved Nishiki rice topped with a vegan furikake, tomato, edamame, sunshine burger, a Field Roast sausage, pickle and some Kite Hill vegan cheese.

I bought the Furikake a little while ago. I couldn’t match the exact one on Amazon(I found the jar in my local Asian market) but the one I’ve linked is MSG free. The below image links to Amazon if you want to try it out.

Vegan Bento Daily Lunch #1


I decided that the lunches that more more traditional and day-to-day shouldn’t need creative numbers. They’re a vegan expression of daily sophistication. So they will get a simple name.


Today’s lunch: Cucumber, Field Roast Breakfast Sausage, Pink Onigiri, Tomato, and Edamame.

Contains protein, carbohydrates, and produce, all things important for a healthy mind and body.

Evil Bento

I’m super excited and full of plans and ideas for the month of October!
That said, today’s bento is meant to be a more nod to something a bit evil.


My boyfriend and I have been enjoying American Horror Story as of late and the demon in this bento was more an accident than anything. I made up the bento and went to fry myself a few goodies; okra, green beans, and mushrooms.
I saw a couple of really nice broccoli pieces that curved like horns and a sort-of longish piece of breaded okra. I figured I’d add them in and make it look a little like a demon, goat, or you know, something along those lines.

1 cup rice- 242 calories

3 Gardein Meatless Meatballs- 150 calories

Chopped Tomatoes with Onion- 15 calories

Total——————————- 407 calories!
If you think it looks like a goat, check out this hilarious video:

White Sweet Potatoes are a Thing?

Last Saturday I went to the Korean grocery store and the lovely owner basically forced the other patrons, along with myself, to try a piece of steamed potato. She claimed it was sweet potato and it tasted like sweet potato, only better.

So I bought three. Last night I made a batch of mashed sweet potatoes with it but it looked so unlike any sweet potato I’d ever seen. It looked downright disgusting but as for the taste, it was nothing short of impressive.


I mentioned this bizarre phenomenon to the coworker that I eat lunch with(everyone else goes out to eat a ridiculous amount) and asked if it looked like yams. He was all like, “That doesn’t look like a yam, they’re super orange,” and when I mentioned it tasted like sweet potatoes he responded along the lines of “Oh! White sweet potatoes!”

So yeah, white sweet potatoes are a thing! I’m not so sure I’d buy them again because of how horrific they look, especially in this bento, it looks like a combination of sick and baby food. Because I made these mashed potatoes from scratch, it took about an hour and a half to make this bento.

As for the baked Tofu squares, they’re quite yummy but quite expensive. I’m not so sure I’d be buying these again either, unless I decide to cut back on Gardein or Tofurky goodies, which I only really use in my bento meals. Even then, I think I’ll be more likely to buy plain tofu and marinate it in a recipe I find online.

FullSizeRender (4)

So this bento was delicious, looked horrendous and as a result of the latter, I doubt I’d make anything like it again without a lot of changes. One change I can think of is maybe a mashed potatoes made with a regular sweet potato for the richer color. Another is maybe steam a few big slices and do cute cutouts to lay on top and marinate some Tofu of my own.