New Bento


I got a new (to me) bento box. The listing said it was in “like-new” condition. When it arrived it had a massive crack down the side and bottom of one tier. I got a refund and went to order a replacement. Then, I stopped and wondered if I could repair it. What glues were food friendly after they dried?
I googled and found out that Crazy Glue is, so I bought a tube of that for a dollar(the sellers let me keep the broken box, no point in paying to ship it back, so I might as well be the one to dispose of it, right? I will note I didn’t think of repairing until after we went through the whole refund process.

Well the crazy glue worked. It’s not the most beautiful repair, but it works. I think this bento will now hold up for some time. I recorded my repair effort, so I’ll be editing a video to show you all how I did it sometime in the near future on my zero-waste Youtube channel.


Anyway, this bento features Gardein, porkless something or another with sauce, and an assortment of produce from last week’s farmer’s market including peppers, brussel sprouts, and onions.

Eat Your Veggies Bento


I got a chance to enjoy cooking a meal again! I made two of these and ate one for dinner last night, and I think it was scrumptious.

I had boiled potatoes last week because there was a gnat problem all over the house and I wanted to get the potatoes out of the open and into the fridge, so naturally these became mashed potatoes. I cooked the Morningstar Farms chick’n strips and all the produce the same way. I just used a wee bit of of Earth Balance but when that wasn’t giving me the golden color I wanted on a lot of the food, I added a bit of water to get things going. It didn’t go exactly according to plan but I love how the brussel sprouts turned out aesthetically. The other veggies I’d cooked up were eggplant, mini sweet peppers, sauteed onions, and lima beans, all from the local farmer’s market. I am not looking forward to winter when market closes up because that means I’m stuck with sub-par produce from the grocery store.

Top 5 Vegan Bento of the Week

This week I’ve been trying to polish off all of my produce before it went bad, which has been fun, but these bento are way cuter. A few of the Instagrammers made insanely cute, yet simple, character bento!

Got myself a new bento box with turquoise color. Filled it up with kidney beans with home made hummus, pan seared cajun tofu strips, brown rice, spinach bed and pan roasted veggies (local squash, bell pepper strips, and asragus), mustard mapple dressings, and grapes for lunch today. What a big lunch!!! 😜 Vegan and it's clean: no canned kidney beans, no store bought hummus, no no-no's. All are self-made (or processed) 🙏 . . . . xoxo, Kika #tokyovegan #vegantokyo #feedfeed #feedfeedvegan #vegan #plantbased #plantpowered #healthyfood #veganfoodshare #veganfood #veganrecipe #veganlife #veganism #veganfoodporn #vegansofig #veganfoodie #vegandish #bestofvegan #worldwideveganfood #letscookvegan #ahealthynut @a.healthy.nut #lunch #healthylunch #veganlunch #cleaneating #japanesebento #bentobox #bento #flyingtiger #veganbento

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Top 5 Vegan Bento of the Week

As I’ve been eating a lot of leftovers, I’ve been vicariously living through my fellow vegan Instagrammers. Let’s see my faves!

All alone in the office today😿 but at least i've got a good lunch to look forward to! I love making maki rolls with quinoa instead of rice (not very japanese, I know, but delicious & healthy!)🌱🍙 I've got quinoa maki rolls with cucumber, avocado, carrot, red and yellow pepper, red onion, and radish. Tofu marinated in a mix of light and dark soy sauce, maple syrup, tahini, chilli flakes and ginger. & a mix of pickled vegetables with spinach😍 (& my personalised chopsticks❤️🐵) #vegan #bento #obento #bentobox #packedlunch #lunchbox #veganlunch #quinoasushi #vegansushi #sushi #norirolls #maki #makirolls #pickle #pickledvegetables #tofu #veganlunch #veganfood #veganmeal #radish #vegansofig #whatveganseat #veganfoodshare #plantbased #veganprotein #veganpackedlunch #veganbento

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Tadah! It's been a while since I made a bento 🍱❤ This layer has roast pumpkin, carrot kinpira, rabbit apples, broccoli, and hummus with roasted paprika – plus an experiment with making vegan octopus weiners! These are the ends of Sanitarium hot dogs. It worked pretty well, and next time I'll try Redwood dogs. 🌭 The other layer is just vegetable curry and basmati rice, though now I wonder if it's strange to put curry in a wooden bento box…? じゃじゃー!!やっと弁当作った❤これは南瓜、兎りんご、人参きんぴら、フムス、そしてヴィーガンのタコウインナー🐙ちょっと失敗したけどww ほかのは野菜のドライカレーだ。木の弁当箱にカレーを入れるのは変ですか?🤔 #vegan #vegetarian #bento #veganbento #ヴィーガン #ビーガン

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Squash Party

This bento was dope! I made it last week after polishing off my fajita leftovers from a local Mexican restauraunt. The spices and mixed squashes hit a spot that I wanted to tackle again, this time Marylander style.
I got some peppers, zucchini, and yellow squash from the farmer’s market and didn’t feel like going to get an onion from a grocery store, so I made do. I used some oil and let the squash cook covered for a bit, and then when it was fairly tended I, for lack of a better word, dumped a fair amount of Old Bay in there. 

And whew was this yummya there wasn’t enough in the way of carbs or protein, so It didn’t keep me as full as I’d have liked, but that’s something to keep in mind for next time. Some home fries or something else potato based would be a rad addition to embrace Old Bay.

Top 5 Vegan Bento of the Week

Monday I’d gotten thrown off schedule because of the holiday so I decided to take a little break. I’m back now. It wouldn’t be an “of the week” series if I didn’t do it every week!

Now let’s take a look at all of these beautiful lunches! I really want to recreate all of these, they look so yummy!

today's bento – white rice with broccoli and tofu stir-fry #bento #vegan #veganbento

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Top 5 Vegan Bento of the Week

While I was off not staring at bento on Instagram everyone decided to make the most delicious and fresh looking bento! Even the one with fried mushrooms looks fresh and non-greasy. I need cooking lessons from all of these people.

I’m considering diving back further than a week and creating certain themes of vegan bento of the week, like people’s first attempts(or newbies in general), character bento, etc. I’m not sure. I think sharing a mix of things also has its own merits and might lend itself to helping people, especially with ones made in the last week. Odds are, during the warmer months, the produce in the bento are in season. What do you think? Would you like to see a theme week every now again on the Instagram bento posts?

If you want to submit a bento for my Friday posts just post your vegan friendly bento to Instagram with the tag #veganbento! I pull all the bento from there and I pick my top 5 favorites to share on here.

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